Upcoming 8th Edition Thoughts

I’ve been a casual 40k player for about 17 years (started in 2000 with 3rd edition with a ~6 year break in the middle). I try to play twice a […]

Finished Kar'Hazra Bloodthirster

It’s been a long journey that’s took the entire summer, but Kar’Hazra The Blood Drinker, Bloodthirster of the Sixth Host is finally finished! The Bloodthirster is a beautiful model that deserves to […]

Alt-ernate Keyboard Shortcuts

The Alt key is often under used, however Alt keyboard shortcuts have the potential to really boost your shortcut mastery! It’s probably most frequently used for Alt+F4 to close a program or Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Recently I rediscovered that it can […]

The Magic Of Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero is often considered to be mythical and unobtainable. I thought this for a long time and struggled to find a way to efficiently manage my email inbox. After […]