Rise of the Death Seekers – Campaign Prelude

The Death Seekers are a Khornate warband lead by Irascus the Skull Reaper. Their story is well told (by me) and their gifts to the brass throne are many, but the origins were lost in history until recently.

What follows are the results of a narrative campaign that describes how Irascus became adopted by Kar’Hazra, a Bloodthirster, and inherited so many daemonic gifts and followers. This is an escalation style campaign with an ever increasing number of points. The battle reports and narrative gets bigger and bolder as the story progresses. Throughout the campaign you’ll notice that the gifts, blessings, and units used in battles will include more daemonic elements to showcase the increasing favor of Irascus.


For those not familiar with Irascus and the Death Seekers, let me shed a little insight before going back in time.

Death Seekers Background

Many World Eater warbands were formed in the gruesome wake of the battle on Skalathrax. The Death Seekers are one such warband, commanded by the ruthless Irascus the Skull Reaper. He had once served in the upper echelons of the World Eaters legion, and was renowned for his effective and brutal fighting style. Unlike many other World Eaters he is also quite cunning and able to understand the deadly game of war that wages across the galaxy.

As the Death Seekers grow in power, Irascus encourages his growing force of cultists, warriors, and berzerkers to challenge each other in fights to the death so as to prove their skill in battle. While no blessings have yet been bestowed upon him, Irascus desperately seeks approval from Khorne and the Bloodthirsters he had once seen destroy enemies in battle. He’s waged countless wars with no purpose other than to gather blood and skulls for the throne of Khorne, his beloved god.


Recently, scouts have detected a powerful daemonic artifact on a nearby planet. Irascus and his initial forces make planet fall on Rekonda IV in search of the daemonic artifact. The scouting parties indicate that it is located in a fertile valley outside the city of Pike. Together, with a small combat patrol, Irascus heads to the valley while the remaining Death Seekers establish a base camp on the city outskirts.

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