Rise of the Death Seekers – Discovering The Artifact

Mission 1 – Discovering The Artifact

While on patrol the Death Seekers identify Mechanicus forces in the valley. Irascus wonders how this can be, the Astra Militarum presence on this world is barely enough to warrant large scale combat. They must know about the artifact. He must obtain this relic before the imperial forces can capture it!

Opening Wide Shot


The mechanicum were already moving as the Death Seekers entered the valley. Quickly and without warning, a Dunecrawler opened fire but the neutron laser shot went wide and missed. Meanwhile the Skitarii Vanguard quickly adapted and opened with a volley of shots at a group of Chaos Space Marines riding on their bikes, and quickly destroyed the point man.

A unit of cultists, otherwise being ignored by the Mechanicum forces, started encroaching on the cemetery where the artifact was rumored to be located. The Tech-Priest Dominus sees them approach and charges the cultists in an attempt to prevent them from realizing the artifact is indeed in the cemetery. While this is happening, the rhino repositions itself on the far end of the cemetery. The hatches and doors bang open and Irascus charges out followed by a bevy of berzerkers.  

Mission 1 - Impending Doom

It didn’t take the augmented intellect of the mechanicum to realize that they were dangerously close to the artifact falling into the Death Seekers hands. The Dunecrawlers neutron laser and heavy stubber hastily open fire at the dangerously close berzerkers. The unit is decimated, with only Irascus and a lone crazed berserker at his side. Meanwhile, the Skitarii Vanguard let loose the fury of their weapons and the rhino explodes in a bright ball of fire as shrapnel and fire are sent everywhere.

Mission 1 - Close Combat

Amid the chaos of the rhino explosion and many berzerkers being killed, Irascus surges forward. He clearly has the Tech-Priest Dominus in his sight, and with the rage that only one dedicated to Khorne can have he lets loose a wild roar as he charges into hand to hand combat. The fight is a blur of parried attacks and measured blows. As the fight continues the Dataspike worn by the Tech-Priest Dominus is able to sever the cables that transmit power throughout Irascus’ power armour. Immobilized and full of fury at this turn of events Irascus calls for reinforcements.

The speed at which reinforcements arrive is astonishing, but it wasn’t before the Mechicum forces began their retreat with the artifact. A squad of bikes attempts to take out the Dunecrawler while speeding towards the Tech-Priest Dominus, who by this point is carrying the daemonic artifact. In their haste all their melta shots and grenades miss the target. However, they are able to catch up to the Tech-Priest Dominus who’s moving much slower than they as he proceeds to flee with the artifact. Built for speed, and not for combat, the unit is quickly dispatched by the Tech-Priest.  As the last of the bikers are slain a unit of Raptors deep strikes nearby, but it’s too late. The Tech-Priest has escaped and is retreating from the Valley with the artifact.

Mission 1 - Harrowing Escape

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