Finished Kar’Hazra Bloodthirster

It’s been a long journey that’s took the entire summer, but Kar’Hazra The Blood Drinker, Bloodthirster of the Sixth Host is finally finished! The Bloodthirster is a beautiful model that deserves to be called a centerpiece. Additionally, he’s a pivotal character in the fluff of my Army, the Death Seekers, as Kar’Hazra is the one who has recognized and blessed Irascus with many gifts over the millennia.


Because Kar’Hazra is a center piece in both model and story, I needed to do him justice. Consequently, I had a few goals for this project.

  • Push my skills and techniques to the limits: wet blending, edge highlighting, shading, and picking out individual details
  • Limit new techniques.
    • Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I prepared for this project by painting various units to fine tune techniques and didn’t want to “mess up” Kar’Hazra
  • Take advantage of my lightbox
    • As a centerpiece model, I wanted to step up my photography game to better capture the essence of the model for all to enjoy
  • Make this a model that I’m proud to display and is a testament of my current skills


Looking back I think I’ve accomplished all of these goals! I wouldn’t be lying if I told you I looked in wonder at the finished product and was even a little giddy about him. Compared to the Daemon Prince I painted in the Spring of 2015 (and submitted to the OH-CON painting contest), my Bloodthirster is leaps and bounds better!

Without further adieu, here’s what you’ve been waiting to see; more glamour shots of Kar’Hazra The Blood Drinker, Bloodthirster of the Sixth Host.