Upcoming 8th Edition Thoughts

I’ve been a casual 40k player for about 17 years (started in 2000 with 3rd edition with a ~6 year break in the middle). I try to play twice a month and get a few nights of hobby time in each week. I’ve been reading 40k and 30k fluff for years. Here are my thoughts on the upcoming 8th edition from the point of view of a casual player, hobbyist, and longtime fan.

In short, I haven’t been this excited about the game in ages! I started playing Age of Sigmar (AoS) with my wife just before big 40k news dropped at Adepticon. After playing a few AoS games and getting used to the different mechanics, I am very much a fan of the streamlined game play. Once news, rumors, and tidbits started coming out from “New Games Workshop™” I was connecting the dots and started getting more exited about how some mechanics could work in 40k.

With new information being released everyday the community (and my local gaming buddies) have been buzzing and theory-crafting on what everything means. “Everything can hurt everything? What about all those flash lights Lasguns, they’ll kill my <Insert Vehicle Here>!!” “Oh, but you get a saving throw against those wounds now.” “Instead of a lucky roll on the pen-chart and getting one shot, you might just move a little less. Plus we don’t know how the Strength vs. Toughness will work yet.” “What if it works this way…. or that way…??” That’s just one example of the fun conversations I’m participating in.

I won’t go into all the various topics that have been revealed or being discussed. I do, however, encourage you to interact with the #Warmongers and /r/Warhammer40k community to see those. More importantly though, chat with your local community, your FLGS, and your gaming group. Find a way to enjoy this crazy fun time that GW is creating for their fanatic player base.

Through all of this, I’m having an internal struggle. I want the rules… NOW! But at the same time I am enjoying this moment, the community, the hype, the atmosphere. This type of change and excitement for 40k may never happen again. I want to savor the moment, play “What If”, try to put it all together, and make predictions. In the end, I lean towards the trickle of information and atmosphere around the change. Just please, GW, don’t make me wait too long. I want to play this new version of the grim dark 41st millennium.

From my casual, play for fun and fluff, beer and pretzels point of view this is the most exciting moment of 40k since I bought my first tactical squad in 2000 or started my Khorne army a few years ago. Games Workshop has been getting the hype train going and I’m all aboard! I think this next phase of 40k is going to be great for the game and adapting it to your play style and preferences.